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Where are we
54 Eldon Street, Waratah, NSW 2298

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Contact Us
Phone02 49684244
Postal AddressPO Box 252, Waratah, 2298
Opening Hours
Saturday 0900 - 1700
2nd & 4th Sunday 1000 - 1600
Tuesday & Wednesday 1200 - 1700
Air Pistol Only During Club Opening Hours

About Us

Newcastle Pistol Club was formed in 1964 and has been in the same location at Waratah West ever since. As matter of general interest the old sandstone quarry in which the Club is located was the source of the rock used to build the break walls for Newcastle Harbour.

We are a local not-for-profit sporting Club, dedicated to the advancement of our sport and the enjoyment of our Members. Newcastle Pistol Club is run entirely by volunteers. There is a Management Committee to oversee the general running of the Club and take care of the legislative and administrative functions, however the Club relies on the efforts of the membership in general to help organise and run events.

We are constantly striving to improve facilities for Members.

Pistol shooting is an Olympic Games sport and Newcastle Pistol Club through its affiliation with Pistol Australia, the main governing body, has the facilities for people to train to Olympic standard if they so wish.

Newcastle Pistol Club organises and holds competitions on a regular basis which are recognised pathways to potential Olympic Games representation. There are also many other pistol shooting disciplines available at Newcastle Pistol Club. See the Useful Information section for more details.

Objects of the Club.

To promote Target Pistol Shooting in all disciplines.
To provide safe instruction on the handling of firearms.

Try Pistol Shooting - P650 Safety Course

If you wish to try pistol shooting before making a commitment to join the Club, Newcastle Pistol Club holds regular try pistol shooting days, known as a P650 day, usually once a month. P650 days are very popular, however because of the intensive supervision and safety requirements, only a relatively small number of people can be accommodated at each of these events.

The cost for the P650 day is $100 which includes the use of a Club .22 rimfire pistol, 50 rounds of ammunition, and tuition from our qualified instructors. You should allow a minimum of least 3 hours for the session. You will be shown how to hold, load, sight and fire the pistol and then how to calculate your score. Once you are finished you can take your target home with you as a souvenir.

Many people with absolutely no experience with firearms turn out to be remarkably good shots!

If time allows, it may also be possible for you to try some larger caliber, centrefire pistols. This is done by private arrangement with the supervising Club members at the time, with a charge for the cost of the ammunition used payable to the individual Club member whose pistol you are using.


Please email the Club Secretary on for a booking and other details.

What to wear to a shooting range?

Do Wear:
  1. Eye protection - provided by the club
  2. Ear protection - provided by the club
  3. CLOSED-TOE shoes - are MANDATORY on all firing ranges. They protect your feet from flying hot ammunition cases. Since you will be spending a lot of time standing and walking, it is also important to wear comfortable shoes.
  4. While short sleeve shirt is ok, we recommend a long sleeve shirt and long pants for protecting your arms and legs from hot casings and debris.
  5. A baseball hat (optional) - While letting your hair down is perfectly fine, we recommend you wear a cap to keep your hair out of your face. It will also keep hot brass and debris from falling down between your eyes and glasses. When choosing a cap, remember that your hearing protection must be able to fit over it.
  6. Sunblock or bug repellent (optional)
Don't Wear:
  1. Loose clothing, Tank tops or low-cut shirts - Hot flying ammunition cases can easily be trapped in them and cause burns. For safety reasons, you don't want to do a "dance" trying to remove the hot case with a loaded pistol in your hand. Plus loose clothing might get in the way of your movement.
  2. Camouflage or offensive clothing
  3. Sandals or high heels

PPL - Probationary Pistol Licence

If you decide you wish to take up pistol shooting as a sport, it is a legislative requirement that you take out Club membership and become licenced. Newcastle Pistol Club is a NSW Police approved Club for the purposes of training you in sport target pistol shooting. Once you have joined the Club, we will guide you through the process of training you and obtaining your Probationary Pistol Licence. You will be on a Probationary Pistol Licence for a minimum of 12 months before you can participate fully in every discipline available. There is a legislated minimum participation requirement of 6 attendances at the Club in a 12 month period and Probationary Pistol Licence holders are not permitted to obtain their own pistols for the first 6 months of their licence.

For more information on licencing go to:

Other Licencing

Newcastle Pistol Club is also approved to provide the Firearms Safety Awareness Course for those persons wishing to obtain a longarms licence for the purposes of hunting or target shooting.

Contact the Club for more details and to book a course.

Female Shooters - Cool girls shoot

Pistol shooting is a particularly good sport for females, as it is one of the few sports where men have little or no advantage over women by being physically bigger or stronger. In fact, in many cases, ladies make far better marksmen than men do! There is a wide variety of pistols available to suit ladies that eliminate the need to be physically strong. In our sport, size does not matter and women and men can compete on completely equal terms. There are however, events specifically for ladies only as well as the regular events.

Junior Shooters - Above age 12

Newcastle Pistol Club welcomes junior members, as they represent the future of our sport. The current laws specify a minimum age for junior shooters of 12 years up to the age of 18 years. Junior shooters must have the written consent of their parents and/or guardian to participate, and they must have a parent or legal guardian as a member of the Club. Juniors will be fully supervised by Club personnel while on the firing line, however at other times whilst within the Club premises parents and or guardians are expected to supervise their junior members.